Cardian Build the ultimate deck to defeat the six Cardian masters. Use wits and strategy to summon creatures and destroy the enemy portal before the enemy's minions destroy yours. Cardian is a base defense game involving cards and managing resources such as gold, crystals and iron.
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Castle Wars 2

Castle Wars 2 Awesome turn based strategic card game with unlockable cards and multi-player mode. Castle Wars 2 is the sequel to Castle wars, and is a very addictive card game where your goal is to crush your enemy's castle or be the first to build a 100 storey castle. Crush or be crushed!
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Doyu Card Battle

Doyu Card Battle Defeat your opponent using damage, health, drain, combo, poison, regeneration, immunity cards. The cards are grouped as either effect cards or modifier cards. Doyu card battle is a one or two player turn based RPG game involving with hundreds of creatures, spells, magic and artifacts.
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Ederon Choose one of eight classes in this epic fantasy card battle game. Play against the AI or other players online. Engage in turn based battles composed of five phases: draw, attack, equip, action and discard.
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Gekisen Defeat foes, gain ranks and win the tournament to unlock special enhancement bonus points. Gekisen features life points, armour, attack and other values, by playing cards turn by turn, each opponents fights in a combat of wits and strategy using a wide array of cards and special moves.
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Kombat Fighters

Kombat Fighters Turn based fighting using mortal kombat characters. Fight your opponent using cards that determine your attacks. Move around the battle map and use the special powers of your character to fight through the ascension.
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Maganic Wars 2

Maganic Wars 2 Maganic wars 2 is a war card game that has similarities to the Pokemon card games. Use heal, defend, minion, curse and poison cards to formulate your strategy.
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Mystic Cards

Mystic Cards Collect cards to fight your enemies in epic battles. Use the power of your monsters to subdue your opponents and collect new monsters as you evolve your powers. Drag cards to the battlefield and press space to end your turn.
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Spectromancer: Gathering Of Power Use the powers of fire, water, earth and mechanic to battle and defeat your enemy. Summon a wide variety of minions such as priest of fire, sea sprite, fire drake, elven healer or a steel golem. After an alliance of mages narrowly defeated the demigod Dorlak, in the final battle Dorlak was disintegrated and his prism shattered. The prism shards were divided among the alliance mages who became corrupted by the pieces of the spectrum.
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The Seven Elders

The Seven Elders Build up your deck on your quest and battles against elders! In a far away place, demons and monsters were bound to cards and forced to dual. These cards were very powerful. The protector of these cards is your father who has been defeated by seven evil elders. After his defeat, the cards have been scattered among the evil elders throughout the land and it's your mission to defeat the seven elders and retrieve your father's cards.
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